Your Roof Protects Your Biggest Investment

You have certainly heard this information before: your home is your biggest investment. For most homeowners, this is a financial fact. You have never saved up so much money, and borrowed so much money, for any purchase in your life.

Even if you inherited a house, the cost of replacing that house or buying a new one would represent a financial struggle, and thus it is a most precious part of your wealth portfolio.

Andrew Carnegie once proclaimed that 90% of millionaires got their wealth through real estate. And while he was spitballing, and the internet boom certainly changed the percentages, nothing has diminished the power that real estate investment has in maintaining one’s portfolio.

This is why it is important to protect your home by keeping your roof in perfect condition.

Housing prices are soaring

Housing prices across the United States are soaring, and it is getting harder to buy a house. Owners are getting cold calls from realtors offering tens of thousands of dollars over market price to move into neighborhoods that were once just sleepy suburbs.

Demand is sky-high, prices are as high as they have ever been across the United States, and salaries are rising.

This makes it more important than ever to keep the contents of your home dry and safe under a well-maintained and frequently-inspected roof.

A failed roof inspection could cause you to lose out on the biggest sale and single day of income in your life. Why risk that when you could, with a simple small investment today and over time, protect it?

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Water damage costs

It is tempting to see a leaking roof or water pooling on a roof and to dismiss it as a small thing. However, even the smallest leak can cause long-term damage.

Water can ruin insulation by compacting it, rendering it completely unable to do its important job of regulating the heat exchange between inside and outside of your house. This can cause additional accumulation of water over time, and rising heating and cooling costs.

Water in the ceiling, even before it gets to the point of dripping, can contribute to mold growth and create invisible breathing hazards to you and your family.

It can also slowly rot roof and floor joists, leading to long, costly, and disruptive repairs.

There are many ways an uninspected roof can cost you thousands of dollars, so don’t tempt fate. Take control and get your roof inspected today.

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