How the Dry Patrol Water Damage Restoration Experience Works

A beautiful summer can be marred by an uncommon household accident. Fires can start in many ways. A lawnmower started a massive fire in one homeowner’s garage.  Another homeowner’s bathroom curtains caught fire from a candle on the vanity. Fire can spread quickly throughout the house and leave you with an unimaginably huge mess to clean up.

Between grief and shock, comforting kids and searching the neighborhood for your household pets, a fire can leave you with a lot on your mind. Smoke damage, water damage, destruction from the firefighters cutting through ceilings and walls to look for more fire … not to mention missing precious items, replaceable possessions, and uncertainty about where to go or what comes next.

In these instances, insurance agents are trained to be very supportive, showing up as quickly as they can to the scene of the fire or an agreed-upon meeting place. Ideally they will show up while the firefighters are still doing their work.

When they’re done, no matter the size of the fire, you will find that water damage is one of your new problems.

Dry Patrol specializes in restoration from fire, smoke, and water damage.

Dry Patrol Makes it Easy

Depending on your contract and your agreement, either you or your insurance agent can make the phone call to Dry Patrol. While on the phone, you will quickly schedule an initial consultation that works with everybody’s schedule.

It can be sort of like watching your life get patched back together even as you are processing how it suddenly seemed so fragile.

The goal at Dry Patrol is to help you see how it will be made better.

On the appointed day, the Dry Patrol representative will meet with you to ask a few questions. These vary based on the situation, but they are certain to include what started the fire, how far it spread, and where you observed water being used to douse it.

You should also expect the Dry Patrol rep to be thoughtful and polite. We know that when you call us, you are likely experiencing one of the most traumatic periods of your life. Our job is to quickly and efficiently help you put things back together.

You can use the walkthrough time to walk with your Dry Patrol agent, or to be present nearby in case a question comes up.

When our representative completes the walkthrough, there might be a few more questions to answer.  Then you will make arrangements for receiving the estimate, or having that sent to your insurance company.

In many cases, insurance will cover the cost entirely. In others, there might be shared costs. This depends on your level of insurance and the coverage you have.

In many cases, the work will be handled professionally and you will never even learn the cost of the work, or see the restoration in action.

Dry Patrol works with various builders and insurance agents to restore houses to the way they were before – safe and dry. Of course, some possessions are lost forever, but most things, including a house, can be rebuilt.

We hope that no one needs fire restoration service from Dry Patrol. But if you do, we will be your professional partner in restoring what was lost.

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