Don’t Stop Treating Spaces for COVID Too Soon

It is happening everywhere we look. Restaurants and retail stores are fully open. Concerts are happening again. Kids are in school. Stadiums are full of shouting fans.

It is tempting to let down our guard and declare victory over COVID 19 and other diseases that spread through the air.

But we can’t do that.

We must learn the lessons taught to us by COVID and from the more contagious Delta variant. More importantly, we must note that over the past two years, flu cases have dropped to historic lows.

That means our treatment and the steps we took to fight COVID also worked against flu, pneumonia, and other airborne illnesses. Letting up our guard and stopping treating spaces will make our employees, clients, and customers sick. We should not stop.

Keep up the COVID prevention work sensibly

This shouldn’t mean that we need to continue to wage an all-out battle against every airborne virus. The reality is that viruses exist and people occasionally get sick because we spread them to each other.

On the other hand, if  just keeping a few of the precautions we took at the peak of the COVID pandemic can save us time and money, and keep our shelves full and our customers happy, we should do it.

We would be foolish not to.

One of the easy wins is keeping surfaces including floors and countertops clean. By wiping or mopping them on a regular basis we can keep people healthy. Additionally, a clean store or building sends a positive message to partners, clients, and customers.

Additionally, many stores are dropping some of the plexiglass shielding, but letting space and moving air do the work of keeping employees safe. This provides an aesthetic value to your business while meeting your goals.

Another really easy step for businesses to do is periodic misting. By hiring Dry Patrol or another trained expert service,  you can regularly treat areas where your employees interact with people who might not be required to take a covid test or show proof of vaccination.

By attacking the virus where it spreads – in the air – you will be keeping your investment in your company safe. You can help make sure that your attendance stays high and your employees understand that you value their health and safety.

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