Are You In The Path of a Hurricane? Or Do You Just Want to Learn About Hurricanes?

Lots of people understand whether their home is at risk of a hurricane. Perhaps you have lived in the same place for decades, in which case, you have a personal history there and you know what kind of extreme weather is likely to visit your part of the world.

Or maybe you are an avid weather enthusiast. In that case, you have followed many a hurricane over time, and you are constantly hearing about Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas. You figure that a little further inland and higher north there are some chances for hurricanes as well, but it’s not the sort of thing you need to plan for too far in advance.

Well, if you have just moved, or are just curious, here are some places to look to learn more about hurricanes, and better understand how to prepare your roof and your home for the summer months.

Places to learn about hurricanes

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association website at is a great place to get detailed information about hurricanes current, past, and future.

In fact, the NOAA site, operated by the United States government and thus backed by the largest system of research, data gathering, and researchers available to modern man, offers tons of useful information far beyond their in-depth exploration of hurricanes.

Want to learn about drought conditions across the US? It’s there.

Want to check the latest climate information exploring how weather, seasons, and even entire biomes are rapidly changing over the past few years. The best data is at your fingertips. is another terrific and up to date source of information about current weather phenomena, including hurricanes.

There you can search out weather around the globe or put in your ZIP code and see active satellite imagery of your own current weather situation.

You can also view a large selection of homemade and professional photos of floods, hurricanes, tornados, and other weather oddities.

Knowing the extreme weather in your city and state is a great way to arm yourself in advance for the worst weather you will face.

Taking this information to apply it to your roofing needs helps you be better prepared as a homeowner and an investor, keeping your family and your money safe and sound.

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