What to do When You See Mold

It might seem to be an innocent spot. Maybe it’s just dirt from something your children or your spouse drug in. Maybe it is a remnant of one of your projects.

Or maybe it’s worse. Maybe it’s mold.

If it is mold, you should promptly take steps to address it to make sure a small moldy spot does not become a dangerous, lung-threatening mold infestation.

Here are some steps to take, in order of increasing severity and frequency of the mold you see popping up in your wet spaces around the house.

Clean the spot with warm soapy water

A first step to take with possible mold is to wash the area with warm soapy water. If it is dirt or newly formed mold, this will quickly clean the spot up and keep it from spreading. If that doesn’t do the trick, step up your game to …

Use bleach

The next way to tackle a potential mold problem is with a simple bleach solution. Do not apply bleach directly. Simply mix it with water in accordance with the instructions. It could be as little as a capful for a gallon of water.

Then wipe the area with a towel or sponge full of the solution. You can apply it a couple of times. Scrubbing is not necessary.

If bleach does not clean the spot, step up your game.

Use specialized anti-mold products

Step up your mold fighting game by using a specialized anti-mold product like Kilz or any of a number of other products. You can treat the area by spraying, mixing, or applying the product according to the instructions on the side of the container.

The companies that make these products often offer an array of related products like paints and varnishes that will help fight mold even when you are not actively monitoring the area.

Call an expert

Where you see a little bit of mold, there is a possibility that there is a lot more mold. It can be hiding behind baseboards, above ceiling tiles, or even in the floor. You can only be sure that you have tackled the problem when you hire an expert like those at Dry Patrol. These trained mold abatement experts can make sure that you are treating the whole problem and not just the surface. And all it takes is a phone call.

Photo by Skylar Kang: https://www.pexels.com/photo/bathtub-with-shower-in-bathroom-6045209/

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