Water Heater Leaking

Water heater leaks are more common than you think and is often the out of sight, out of mind type of water damage that can surprise you out of nowhere! Water heaters can hold anywhere from 30 to 100’s of gallons of water, with the normal house water heater holding about 50 gallons. Water heaters can leak from old fittings, lines, and valves which could also fail due to the amount of pressure in the tank.

If you are dealing with a water heater leak, it’s important to give us a call and have us mitigate the damage as quickly as possible due to the water being near electricity, as well as, it can take less than 24 hours for mold spores to start growing and could cause respiratory issues and/or allergic reactions. Our team is very well versed in this type of water damage and can be at your door in 60 minutes or less, getting your property restored in no time!