Tree Root Damage

The unseen monsters that could be lurking beneath your feet as you’re reading this! Tree roots often follow the same pattern as water, the path of least resistance, which could lead them straight into your discharge and sewer pipes causing backups galore! No plunger or drain cleaner is a match for some healthy tree roots growing in your pipes, wreaking havoc. Raw sewage backup is a critical situation on its own, causing hazardous health risks and costly property damages.

Normally found in the warmer months as trees start to bud and open up for summer. The roots have that flight or fight instinct to grow as much as possible. 

If you think you have a potential risk of this happening in the future, give us a call and schedule a healthy home inspection. If you suspect it’s happening right now, give us a call and our emergency team will be at your door within 60 minutes or less!