Toilet Overflow

Believe it or not, 113 toilets are overflowing right now as we speak…is one of them yours? 

On average, your toilet will overflow 7 times out of the 2,500 flushes a year according to the (WTO) World Toilet Organization. Which means that this is the most susceptible type of water damage you may experience. Usually, a quick plunge of the toilet will work but if some reason if you start experience a toilet backup, make sure to contain the water overflowing as this will help you in the long term.

Raw sewage, or dirty water, carry germs, bacteria, and bloodborne pathogens from the waste and can spread through the air or water. If this water encounters your floor, baseboards, or wall the moisture mixes with those contaminants and can create a breeding ground for mold and other airborne pathogens just waiting to find a place called home. 

When you call us, we stop them in their tracks and mitigate the property back to its normal tip top shape in no time. Remember, no job is too small to keep your property safe! We can be at your door within 60 minutes or less! Just give us a call and make sure to ask about our free estimates!