Sump Pump Failure

Picture your sump pump, the unsung hero of your commercial property, diligently pumping water away from your foundation. But alas, even the most dedicated heroes can falter. Whether it’s facing a torrential downpour or a sudden, heavy rainfall, your sump pump might just throw in the towel, leaving you with a miniature lake at your feet.

The most common reason for a sump pump strike is overheating, which can force it to take an unscheduled break or quit entirely. With the pump unable to catch up, standing water and water damage soon follow, potentially turning your property into a mold haven in less than 24 hours. Another frequent issue is a moody float switch, either malfunctioning or in need of adjustment – and the outcome is usually the same soggy mess.

Fear not, for our water restoration superheroes are here to save the day! With extensive experience in sump pump resuscitation and water damage control, we’ll restore your property back to its dry and happy state in no time.

Don’t let sump pump failure dampen your day. Give us a call, and our lightning-fast response team will be at your door within 60 minutes!