Sewage Backup

Raw sewage or dirty water as we call it is the most dangerous type of water damage or backup that you could experience. Not only could mold levels skyrocket with the number of bacteria and organisms in this water. The long-term damage it could do to your health and your property can have some very serious consequences! Dirty water is made up of a number of contaminates including human/animal waste, pesticides, toxins, bacteria, germs, and bloodborne pathogens. These contaminates can penetrate the walls or floor and stick around a lot longer than you want them to!

Therefore it’s very important to call us so our experts can come out and handle the situation immediately. We set out our state-of-the-art equipment to contain the water immediately to stop the spread of the contaminants since dirty water contaminants can spread through the water and air. We also carry a specialized patented technology called SteraMist™ to sterilize the area and mitigate any potential hazards to you or your property! We can be at your door in 60 minutes or less and don’t forget to ask about how to get a free estimate!