HVAC Leaks

HVAC leaks are inevitable, the built-up condensation from the condenser has to go somewhere to keep your house nice and cool in the summertime. That condensation is usually controlled through HVAC pipes leading away from the foundation. But over time those pipes, connections, and fittings can wear out and create a whole host of other issues for your property and safety.

Number one being a small water leak that is in a place that isn’t usually thought of, could mean you have a silent killer lurking through property undetected! Mold spores can grow in 24 hours and sometimes even less in the right conditions. With this being an area of less foot traffic that mold can grow into a mold outbreak, potentially putting you at risk for health issues if not treated properly.

Number two would be the potential risk of mixing water with electric. Nothing is more dangerous then when water encounters electric and if the leak is at a certain spot, this could be the issue you’re dealing with.

Number three would be flooring and wall damage. Depending on where the leak is, it could be ruining your flooring and/or walls by leaking onto it and damaging it.

We recommend checking your HVAC pipes a few times during the warmer months and if you suspect any issues give us a call and our experts will be at your door in 60 minutes or less! Make sure to ask about our free estimates as well!