Catastrophic Loss

CAT losses are like the Godzilla of water damage – events so severe that they cause damage beyond your wildest nightmares. Think major hurricanes or tornadoes like the Memorial Day twisters a few years back. These disasters can affect multiple properties, such as large apartment complexes or huge commercial buildings, and wreak havoc across a widespread area.

To tackle a CAT loss, you need three things:

Number 1: A devoted team experienced in dealing with this type of damage, who can give this situation their undivided attention.

Number 2: Special certification to work on and estimate catastrophic losses, since these situations involve massive amounts of damage, funds, and resources needed to restore the property.

Number 3: Multiple hours of CAT training each year to keep up with modern building blueprints and technological advancements. After all, structures built in the 1950s are vastly different from those erected in the 2020s.

Our team not only meets these requirements but understands the emotional toll a CAT loss can take on property owners. Our goal is to stop, control, and mitigate loss – physically and emotionally – for you. Our emergency response team is always on call 24/7 and will be at your door in 60 minutes or less to tackle any water restoration needs you may have.