Catastrophic Loss

Catastrophic losses, or CAT5 losses, are considered events that are severe enough to cause damage that is excessively more than usual. Think major hurricanes, an event like the Memorial Day tornadoes we had a few years ago. Damage that is done to a widespread area and/or affecting multiple properties usually but could also be considered a large apartment complex, huge commercial building, among plenty of other different scenarios.


A Catastrophic loss requires a plethora of things:

  • Number 1: A devoted team that has experience in dealing with this type of damage and can focus all of their attention to this situation with no distractions.


  • Number 2: You need to obtain or have a special certification to work and estimate catastrophic losses due to so many things involving major amounts of damage, funds, and resources needed to restore the property back to normal.


  • Number 3: Multiple hours a year devoted to CAT5 training. Natural disasters are growing more and more every year and so are building blueprints. Buildings built back in the 1950s are way different structurally and technologically than now in the 2020s. This means our teams need to complete multiple hours of training every year to keep up with everything they could encounter on a CAT5 job.


Our team not only meets all these requirements, but we also understand what you as a property owner will be going through in this situation. Our number one goal is to stop, control, and mitigate loss, both physically and emotionally for you. Our emergency response team is always on call 24 hours a day and can be at your door within 60 minutes or less!