Basement Flooding

When your basement turns into a leaky lagoon, you know you’re in for a wild adventure. Uninvited aquatic visitors come from a variety of sources, like sneaky foundations, rebellious sewage lines, dramatic weather, and overly enthusiastic flash floods. Oh, the not so joys of basement flooding and/or commercial property damage!

But what’s the source of your H2O headache, you ask? Behold, the three main characters of the watery underworld:

Clean Water: The “good guy” of the trio, this water comes from faucets or appliances that have sprung a leak. It’s usually harmless, but it can still invite mold to the party within 24 hours if not dealt with swiftly.

Grey Water: Think of this as the “middle child” of water damage. Often found in commercial and industrial basements, it mingles with chemicals, cleaners, and biological contaminants. A bit more troublesome, eh?

Black/Dirty Water: The “villain” of our watery tale, this noxious nightmare can cause immediate illness and expose you to raw sewage. Often stemming from ocean flooding or ground surface water, it’s the stuff of legends… and not the good kind.

So, don’t let your basement become a comedic cautionary tale!

Dial up our water restoration maestros to help identify your watery nemesis and return your property to its former glory. We’ll swoop in like superheroes in less than 60 minutes!