Basement Leaks

Basement leaks and flooded basements happen for all types of different reasons. The most dangerous thing about basement leaks that separate it from all other water damage is to find out what type of water you are dealing with. As basement floods can happen from leaky foundations, sewage lines, severe weather, heavy rainfall, flash flooding and more!

The 3 different types of water are:

  • Clean Water: This is the water you would find coming out of your faucet, or appliance that has sprung a leak. This is water that usually poses no immediate threat to the people in the vicinity, but could start creating mold spores within 24hrs if not handled properly.
  • Grey Water: This water is more found in basements of business and industry type scenarios. This is the type of water that could mix with chemicals and cleaners, as well as any type of biological contamination.
  • Black/Dirty Water: Different people in the industry call it either black water or dirty water. Either way, this is the worst of the worst type of water damage you could have! This could cause immediate illness to any inhabitants in the property and usually exposes you to raw sewage. This should be handled by a professional immediately to contain and mitigate the damage to stop it from spreading. This type of water could also be caused from ocean flooding and ground surface water.

Therefore, it’s so important to give Dry Patrol a call to figure out what type of water you’re dealing with and how we can mitigate your property to get it back to normal and safe in no time! We can be at your door in less than 60 minutes and don’t forget to ask about our free estimates!