Attic & Crawlspace Leaks

Attics and crawlspaces are usually the out of sight, out of mind areas of your property and have several potential risks when it comes to water damage. Everything from a leaking roof, to a poorly ventilated attic causing high amounts of humidity and moisture, to even faulty vents and pipes from your bathroom, appliances, and HVAC systems. With these areas not getting much attention, it’s very easy for one of these unnoticed water leaks to turn into a full-blown severe mold outbreak, putting everyone at risk of potential health problems.

It’s very easy for mold to grow in these areas due to the high amount of moisture and condensation and that’s why we recommend at least checking these areas twice a year, if not more! Checking it between each season is ideal. You can always have us come out and do a healthy home inspection. We can be at your door within 60 minutes and don’t forget to ask about our free estimates on our call!