Appliance Leaks

When appliances like water heaters, washing machines, and fridges party too hard, they can spring leaks from old pipes, connections, or fittings. These water-loving gadgets often hide in tough-to-reach spots, cuddling up against walls. Water, being the crafty escape artist it is, follows the path of least resistance. It might be sneaking into the secret wall hideout behind your appliance before finally revealing its mischievous deeds in the form of a flooded kitchen, laundry room, or basement!

Should you find yourself in this watery predicament, don’t delay – give us a call right away! Even the freshest water from those appliances can transform into mold spores within 24 hours. If this undercover operation has been ongoing for days or weeks, you could be looking at a massive mold extraction mission, taking a hefty toll on both your wallet and well-being!

Fear not, for Dry Patrol’s proficient team can swoop in and save the day, arriving at your doorstep within 60 minutes