Vaccines Alone Don’t End COVID-19

As word comes about the creation, approval, and distribution of a vaccine for COVID-19, it might be tempting to believe that this ends the fight against its spread.

It doesn’t. Like the flu and other communicable illnesses, COVID-19 might exists in our society essentially forever. Sure, it will be largely controlled through the use of vaccines, but other safety measures still must be taken to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Those safety measures we have been taking in building maintenance remain a powerful and important part of COVID-19 control and need to be continued.

Here are the measures we must continue to employ to keep our buildings safe.

Ongoing COVID-19 Control

The following ongoing steps will need to remain in place even after the vaccine has been widely administered.

Frequent cleaning of surfaces

Having our cleaning personnel continue regular cleaning of services will be one important way we keep our buildings and their occupants healthy in the future. Using cleaners that not only cut grease and remove marks but that kill germs and biological matter is key.

We stepped up the requirements for cleaning surfaces for COVID-19, and there is no reason to go back. This has helped to reduce the flu, the common cold, and other easily-transmissible diseases. It is built into our current schedules

More access to hand sanitizer and PPE

It is a little more expensive, of course, but we have shifted in our thinking about stopping the spread of disease. Once upon a time in our schools and offices, hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks were rarely thought of as daily necessities.

And though the masks will likely go away when the populace is widely vaccinated and COVID has been limited to a more sustainable level of spread, some of these safety measures are here to stay. And they belong in our maintenance budgets.

This includes access to hand sanitizers. Our employees and visitors should have free access to hand sanitizer into the future. It will help keep everyone safer and healthier for years to come.

Environmental sprays

The use of misting spray to disinfect areas was not new with COVID, but certainly came into more widespread usage during 2020’s pandemic. There is no reason that this should stop as we gain control over the spread of COVID.

If you have had a confirmed case of any communicable disease, spot treatment with a misting disinfectant helps insure that it does not spread.

And until COVID and related deadly illnesses are entirely eradicated, it makes sense to take active steps to prevent our staff and visitors from becoming ill.

We can do this by contracting with companies, like Dry Patrol, that offer unique misting services to keep our areas safe and disease-free.

By continuing these practices we will help make sure that we reduce sick days and overall costs for our plants and offices.

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