Use Trusted Contractors to Keep Your Office Virus-Free This Winter

This winter, there is a lot to be aware of. And while worrying does not make things better, planning ahead does. So as we emerge from a once-in-a-century coronavirus pandemic and anxiously scan the headlines regarding the rapid spread of monkeypox and the re-emergence of polio, it is wise to make preparations.

This winter, use trusted contractors to keep your workplace virus-free.

Experienced cleaning on a schedule that works for you

Keeping your office virus free can be as easy as making one call and setting up a repeated service with Dry Patrol. Our friendly and experienced scheduler will help set up a plan that works with your schedule to keep your staff, students, co-workers, or employees safe and healthy all winter long.

Simply ask for the schedule that works best for you. Do you want a crew to invisibly do the cleaning in the evening? Or does it make good sense for the cleaning to start while employees are still there, so reinforce the idea of cleanliness and how hard you work to protect people? After all, your business depends on keeping everyone healthy.

State of the art tech, and old -fashioned elbow grease

Our experienced staff use time-honored traditional cleaning methods to address problem areas, high-use areas, and some of those hard-to-reach seldom-cleaned spots too.

Additionally, our state of the art misters can treat the air and surfaces with trusted anti-viral cleaners. This makes sure you are protected against all the viruses that are lurking on your countertops and doorknobs.

While we can’t promise that no one at your location will be fighting flu, or contracting covid, or managing monkeypox this winter, we can work together to take steps to keep them as safe as possible while they are in your care.

Worrying won’t keep them safe, healthy, and present for your clients and customers and their own families. Taking precautions like planning for experienced professional cleaning, with our exclusive anti-viral mister, will help.

Why not do all that you can do, when you can see trouble coming a mile away?

Call Dry Patrol today to get an estimate on the level of cleaning you need for your home, office, or any place where you want to keep people safe and healthy this winter.

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