Upgrade Your Basement This Summer: Make the Most of Your Space

We have all learned and grown a lot during the pandemic. We have mastered social distancing, worn and then taken off masks, and even gotten new vaccines. More importantly, though, we learned the importance of spending time together as a family. And the importance of spending time slightly further apart.

This summer would be a great time to add to your space by upgrading or finishing your basement. Everyone will benefit from these potential upgrades.

Add a dedicated laundry space

One relatively simple addition you could make to your basement is to simply place walls around your laundry machines. Now you have a place to store those detergents and extra fabric softener. Cabinetry and countertops can provide space for folding or even ironing. Better yet, the unsightly machines are out of sight, if not quite out of mind.

By walling in your laundry room you help contain the noise and make the rest of the house slightly more quiet on laundry day.

Add a children’s nook

If they haven’t done so already, your children are going to want to stake out a private space of their own that is not in their bedrooms. Giving them a corner of the basement will expand their creativity, promote greater independence, and give them a sense of adventure.

Further, while they feel like they are getting away from prying eyes, you know the whole time that they are safe and sound within your walls.

And better than all those things, you can now have a specific place to throw everything that they leave around the rest of the house. If it promotes play, keeps the kids occupied and safe, AND helps keep the whole house cleaner, it’s a winner!

Add a TV room

A final idea that might benefit the whole family is finally adding a dedicated TV room. Place your comfiest couch here, install the biggest TV that fits the space, throw in some surround sound speakers, and suddenly you have an entertainment mecca for the whole family.

You can gather here for sports shows, awards programs, or the Friday night movie with the family and friends.

Whatever your vision is for your basement, make sure it is dry and ready for the upgrade. Dry Patrol helps restore water damage and take care of indoor problems related to past flooding, so you can create your dream space in your basement.

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

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