Stop Deadly Coronavirus Variants

As the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be decreasing following its post-Thanksgiving spike, a deadly new concern is gripping American building managers. There are several deadly variants of the coronavirus that appear to spread more quickly and be more likely to cause hospitalization than their counterparts.


Worse, it seems that in some cases the vaccines are not as effective against these variants.


Luckily, many building managers are aware that the Dry Patrol line of cleaning products work against ALL strains of the coronavirus, including those that have caused this pandemic and their deadly variants.


The key to stopping these variants comes from using proven anti-bacterial disinfectants on your surfaces.


CDC Identifies three significant variants


The Centers for Disease Control have identified three coronavirus variants that they are tracking. Their descriptions of them are below:


  • The United Kingdom (UK) identified a variant called B.1.1.7 with a large number of mutations in the fall of 2020. This variant spreads more easily and quickly than other variants. In January 2021, experts in the UK reported that this variant may be associated with an increased risk of death compared to other variant viruses, but more studies are needed to confirm this finding. It has since been detected in many countries around the world. This variant was first detected in the US at the end of December 2020.
  • In South Africa, another variant called B.1.351 emerged independently of B.1.1.7. Originally detected in early October 2020, B.1.351 shares some mutations with B.1.1.7. Cases caused by this variant have been reported in the US at the end of January 2021.
  • In Brazil, a variant called P.1 emerged that was first identified in travelers from Brazil, who were tested during routine screening at an airport in Japan, in early January. This variant contains a set of additional mutations that may affect its ability to be recognized by antibodies. This variant was first detected in the US at the end of January 2021.


Dry Patrol products work against these variants

The Dry Patrol disinfection program is effective against coronavirus and coronavirus variants that cause COVID-19 because they work to reduce the overall amount of bacteria.


More importantly, Dry Patrol products meet the bacteria where they are most often found – on surfaces AND in the air.


The high tech Stera-Mist approach combines ease of use with a high effective rate. Simply follow simple instructions to spray affected rooms on a regular schedule, and you can be confident that coronavirus is not hiding in your waiting room or office.


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