Disinfection Services

disinfection services

Disinfection Services / Stacking Up the Competition

SteraMist™ Binary Ionization Techology® (BIT™)

  • Easily incorporated into current cleaning procedures
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • Goes above, beyond, under and around disinfecting sprays and wipes
  • High Tech DARPA develped, time tested technology that can be used on all delicate medical equipment with no corrosiveness
  • The ultimate tool for elimination of bacteria in the hospital environment

SteraMist™ Sanitation & Disinfection Services vs Manual Cleaning

SteraMist™ allows facilities a superior technology to replace or to be easily integrated into infection protocols which current manual cleaning procedures is demonstrating sub-par results and/or your facility has high SIR rates. The SteraMist™ Advantage:

  • Uniformity
  • Elimination of Cross Contamination
  • No Mixing, No Wiping, No Residue

SteraMist™ vs Other Disinfectant Foggers

SteraMist™ can completely replace silver ion, chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid and high percentage hydrogen peroxide based treatments.

The SteraMist™ Advantage

  • Quick Turnover
  • Surface Compatibility
  • Leaves Environment with Eco-friendly Only Oxygen and Water *Humidity) as the only by-products

SteraMist™ vs UltraViolet SteraMist™ helps Hospitals and Healthcare facilities flip the switch on HAI’s. Why settle for 20-40% when you can achieve much higher reductions?

The SteraMist™ Advantage

  • Whole Room Efficacy
  • Not Affected by Line of Sight
  • EPA Registered for a Six Log Kill on C.Diff Spores
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Costs

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When you need a compassionate cleaning team to help you or a family member with a hoarding cleanup project, we can help with all of your hoarding clean up needs and more. We provide caring and compassionate hoarding cleanup services while offering additional help for hoarders and their families.

Hoarding affects everyone – the hoarder, their family, and even the community around them. We make it our mission to help those affected by hoarding get the cleanup help and the additional support they need. We help before, during, and after the hoarding cleanup process to help sufferers heal both inside and out. Hoarding cleanup projects require sensitivity and the utmost professionalism from the company you choose to hire. Dry Patrol has the compassion and expertise to restore any home to its pre-hoarding condition.