Residential Fire Damage

Fire Damage in Cincinnati – Clean-up and Build Back Services. Fire damage cleanup and more from our family to yours.

As a homeowner, experiencing a fire can be a crushing experience. After losing possessions and fearing for your family’s safety, you need a team who can count on. Not only can DryPatrol clean up the damage, but we will also be sensitive to what you’re going through. Our team is available 24/7 to help assess your fire damage. We will comfort your family and begin the restoration process. Fires often lead to smoke and flooding as well. So with Dry Patrol’s comprehensive services, you have one experienced partner who can repair your home from floor to ceiling.

Firefighting is in our roots

Dry Patrol was started by a volunteer firefighter, so we understand the emotional trauma that comes along with fires, as well as how to thoroughly contain and repair the damage. After volunteering for over 30 years, our founder transferred his firefighting expertise to Dry Patrol and has been helping Ohio families restore their homes ever since. If you have experienced fire damage, contact our team for a helping hand with repairing your home, coordinating insurance (no matter who you work with), and getting back to normal life.