Re-Opening Means More COVID Protections, Not Less

As companies, schools, cities, and states have re-opened since the mass vaccination began in the United States, a new realization is dawning.

Instead of needing fewer precautions at the building level, we might likely need more for the foreseeable future.

This is especially true with reports that the delta variant of COVID might be twice as contagious as the first one.

Keeping your buildings, employees, clients, and guests safe in the year ahead will take a little bit of elbow grease and savvy, and a smart plan from Dry Patrol.

Dry Patrol offers site sterilization

Dry Patrol’s disinfection services offer BIT technology, which stands for Binary Ionization Technology. Put simply, this innovative and trademarked process allows for disinfection of all kinds of surfaces, and offers protection from all manner of germs and diseases.

The technology was designed initially to work against anthrax and other deadly spores. However, it works well against the dangers you face every day. These include COVID and the germs that cause strep throat, the flu, pneumonia, and even the common cold.

Our service, scheduled at intervals that work to preserve the safety of your people, can help make sure that none of those illnesses impact your business.

Dry Patrol sterilization benefits your bottom line

Dry Patrol BIT technology allows you to …

Protect your people – prevent everything in the spectrum from common illnesses like colds and the flu to serious illnesses like COVID and pneumonia

Reduce costs and disruption related to illness – when you are not running at 100%, you see the effects through your entire business. From the phones to the finishing table, having a full staff keeps your operation firing on all cylinders.

Entice new employees with an enhanced safety protocol – in interviews, many potential employees are delaying their return to work because of concerns about lingering COVID virus from dealing with the public. Reassure them of their safety and find yourself finally filling those vacancies.

Create a safer, happier work force – healthier, safer employees help make everything run more smoothly. People like to buy from a smiling person, and nothing creates broader smiles than good health, and knowing your employer cares for you.

Call Dry Patrol today to discuss the needs of your building and your workforce, and how we can help you safely grow your business in the years ahead.

Photo by Pratik Gupta from Pexels

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