Prevent COVID in Cincinnati & Dayton

Is your office, school, church, or other public place being used during the COVID crisis? Can’t afford to stay closed because you are an essential space, or one where people are free to come to escape the monotony of quarantine life?

Then you can’t help but feel responsible for keeping your guests or employees as safe as possible.

You know that masks and distancing help, but the virus has multiple survival mechanisms. It can linger in the air, and it can lurk on surfaces.

How can you keep that space safe for you and your people?

Solutions like the Steramist program from Mar-Flex Restoration in Cincinnati are helping owners like you solve this problem every day.

The Best Way to Stop the Spread of COVID in a Public Space

Masks work because they trap the virus and other particles in the cloth. This works both for the person exhaling the virus, which is then trapped inside the mask, or the person inhaling, who is protected from the virus as it gets trapped in the mask.

But masks present problems, especially in a public space. Not everyone wears tight-fitting masks, for instance, meaning that countless particles escape with each breath. Also, the masks are imperfect. Some gaiter-style spandex masks have been shown to actually increase the risk of spread by atomizing the COVID and other viruses the infected person exhales.

Also, the virus can land, and last, on surfaces that are touched by many people each day. These people will accidentally touch their faces and masks multiple times during the course of their visit, each time increasing the risk of contracting the virus.

If you can’t rely on others to be perfect, you can increase the chances of keeping everyone safe by disinfecting regularly with the Steramist program.

You’ve seen a version of the program used in subways and other common spaces. Adopted initially by Asian countries, the video shows men and women in haz-mat suits waving a handheld device back and forth, systematically treating an entire space.

The system? Steramist

The disinfectant they are using, along with the system that ionizes the disinfectant, are together called Steramist. This trademarked system has been keeping millions of people safe around the world, and not just from COVID-19.

The Steramist program is used in a variety of situations where there is concern about airborne particles including viruses and molds.

By ionizing the special disinfectant, it can meet the virus where it lingers: on surfaces and in the air. When the fine mist hits a suspended virus bubble, the bubble bursts, and the hydrogen peroxide solution kills it.

This greatly reduces the spread of COVID-19 in any space it is used.

Contact Dry Patrol to schedule your disinfectant routine, either one-time or ongoing, today.

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