Mold Spotlight: Meet Aspergillus

One of the most common household molds, mostly harmless but potentially hazardous for those with weakened immune systems or lung conditions.

What’s Aspergillus?

Aspergillus includes hundreds of mold species, found worldwide, often in the Northern hemisphere during fall and winter. Loves to grow on carbon-rich substances and in damp places. That mold on your bread or trees could be Aspergillus! It also thrives on damp walls, carpets, HVAC insulations, and more in your home.

Why is Aspergillus dangerous?

While usually harmless, those with respiratory issues could develop aspergillosis, a serious infection that claims lives annually. Health issues related to Aspergillus exposure include allergic reactions, lung infections, organ failure, wheezing, shortness of breath, fatigue, fever, chest pain, and more.

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