Keep Your Space Clean to Avoid Flu / COVID / RSV This Winter

It’s winter, and for many of this it means it is time to take extra precautions against viruses. As people head indoors to avoid the cold, they start to catch colds. And then they give them to each other.

This is why it is important for you to keep your office, school, or other public place as clean as possible this winter. Keeping your clients, customers, and visitors healthy is important. Keeping your staff healthy is vital to the optimal functioning of your organization.

Do this by implementing a comprehensive approach to germ and virus mitigation this winter.

Make cleaning supplies readily available

The first line of defense is to help your people stay safe and clean. This means taking the usual precautions like making tissues, hand sanitizer, and disposable surgical masks ready for the people you are trying to protect. Even one unplanned illness can cost your organization more than month’s worth of supplies, so this is no place to save pennies.

Let people know that their health is important to you by having supplies visible and easy to reach.

Keep places cleaner than usual

This next step seems obvious. You already work to keep places clean. But this winter, take new steps to make sure surfaces and the air are cleaner than usual. You can do this by changing air filters more often, cleaning more often, and adding surfaces and doorknobs to the cleaning routine.

Further, if you are aware of staff or others who have been sick and were in your space, you can hire a company to do additional cleaning. Companies like Dry Patrol in southwest Ohio have a patented Theramist system that can attack viruses where they spread – in the air and on surfaces.

Their special system uses a cleaning mist to do more than a normal cleaning person can do and reach where no broom and dustpan were ever effective.

Encourage extra cleaning

Our employees do a lot of cleaning in their own spaces every day. Giving them additional reminders and encouragement for doing this might save your office from a flu that takes the whole department down. Get creative and encourage new ways to keep things cleaner to prevent the spread of harmful – and potentially deadly – viruses this winter.


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