Keep Your Busy Office or School Safe from COVID with Steramist(™)

You’ve seen the product on TV being used in subways and offices. You have heard that it helps keep busy public spaces free of the COVID-19 virus. Many companies and countries seem to agree.

Men and women in haz-mat suits are spraying a fine mist in these buildings, working to reduce the spread of the COVID virus.

But what is this misting system that’s keeping so many places safe?

It’s called Steramist. And one company in Cincinnati has been working with these and other products for years as part of its restoration process after accidents, floods, and fire.

DryPatrol in Cincinnati & Dayton have the Steramist program and is available to help you keep your busy office, school, or public space as safe as possible this season.

What is Steramist?

Steramist is the trademarked system to spray an industrial strength disinfectant in an indoor space. Created by TOMI, the misting system depends on a perfect mix of chemical agents to reduce viruses such as COVID, and the misting system which perfectly atomizes the disinfectant.

The unique blend of EPA registered disinfecting agents, a 7.8% solution of hydrogen peroxide, works safely to eliminate COVID without leaving messy residue behind. The ionized solution captures and kills biological material in the air and on commonly used surfaces. Used according to directions, it is shown to keep common spaces dramatically safer than ventilation or surface treatment with Lysol or other cleaning agents alone.

Using disinfectant wipes or sprays only on surfaces is an important cleaning step during the COVID restoration process, but it is not complete. The COVID virus is an airborne particle, and can remain suspended in the air and intact for a surprisingly long time before landing.

The Steramist spray comes from a patented ionization process and tool. Trained and properly suited users move about a space, gently misting commonly used areas where the virus is potentially lurking.

The Steramist process captures and kills the active virus, and a host of other threatening viruses including the flu.

Hire Dry Patrol, Your Cincinnati & Dayton Area Steramist Provider

Don’t take chances with the business and people you love.

Call or email Dry Patrol today to discuss a regular program to keep your spaces COVID-free. This is ideal for churches, schools, and public spaces. We know that the virus can spread before people even know they have it. It is no one’s fault that people have and spread it.

However, we can work to prevent that spread by treating spaces after the last person leaves each evening.

An affordable plan to keep your loved ones safe is a phone call away.

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