How Should I Store Things on My Roof?

At Dry Patrol our roofing division sometimes gets a version of this question: “How should I store things on my roof?”


We get a lot of challenging questions here, some of which need to be passed on from our phone techs to our field technicians to provide explicit and professional details.


This is not one of those difficult questions.


You should NOT store things on your roof. Ever.


Here are some related questions, and their answers:


“Can I store waterproof things on my roof?”




“But the things are waterproof and will help my roof, right?”


No. Your roof is doing just fine the way it was installed. Anything that changes the flow of water, or creates ponding on your roof, is doing damage to your roof.


Storing things on your roof will also void your warranty, meaning that if there is a problem that could have been covered by the company that installed your roof, or manufactured components of your roof, they will use this as a reason to not pay for it.


“Can I store flat things on my roof?”




“But they’re flat, just like my roof.”




“Can I store roofing shingles on my roof?”




“But they’re shingles, same as what’s on the roof.”


No. We understand this, but storing things on the roof creates pressure and weakens the ability of shingles, underlayment, rubberized surfaces, or other roofing materials to do their job.



Truthfully, there is no variation to this answer, and no exceptions or research needed. Nothing should be stored on your roof, for any period of time.


In addition to creating damage to the existing roof and voiding your warranties on materials and workmanship, storing things on your roof is unsafe. Your roof is exposed to the elements all the time. Sun, moisture, and wind, create a constantly changing environment on your roof. Heating and cooling and melting and thawing combine with the elements to create a place where your roof is already tested all the time. Something you thought was securely stored is not secure after a season of exposure.


If something blows off your roof, its path to the ground is unpredictable, and you are responsible for the damage.


Never store anything on your roof.

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