How Much Does Fire Restoration Cost?

Every year, thousands of homeowners experience small fires that damage one or more rooms in their home. In addition to portions left unusable by the flames, smoke and water damage can permeate much of the house.

In order to live in the house, the homeowner will likely require professional repair and restoration. This is especially true if flames damaged exterior or weight-bearing walls.

The final cost of restoration depends the amount of damage, the location of the fire, and the quality of the restoration.

The location of the fire

Where the fire occurs can influence the cost and time of the repair.

Garage fires can often be less expensive because they often involve exterior walls. This reduces the chance that electrical or plumbing lines will be involved. It also might mean your family can stay at home while the repairs are being completed.

Kitchen fires can be a much more involved expense. your kitchen likely has load-bearing walls for the rest of the house, and has electrical lines in every wall. Plumbing will also be involved in a kitchen repair, which will increase costs significantly.

The size of the fire

It probably seems self-explanatory. It is worth noting however that the size of the fire will dramatically impact the cost of restoration.

Small fires require significantly less restoration time and far fewer materials. This applies to those fires that might be small enough to contain without calling the fire department, and are put out using water or a fire extinguisher.

Large fires that require the response of one or more fire engines are generally much more expensive to repair. in these situations the house has been filled with smoke oh, and treatment will likely involve cleaning every item and surface on every floor. Large fires also involve water damage at the fire level and below. it is not uncommon for nearly every item in a house with a major fire to need to be replaced, unless it is an heirloom or has sentimental value.

The typical cost of a minor home fire restoration is between $3,000 and $5,000 dollars.

Insurance should cover the costs of these repairs, and even the most rudimentary home insurance covers fires both small and large.

When you contract with a fire restoration company, they will walk you through the process and be able to give you a reasonable estimate quickly.

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