How Dry Patrol is Rising to the Top of the Search

After years of high-level performance in a range of water damage, fire damage, and restoration practices, southwest Ohio’s Dry Patrol is rising to the top of local searches in several important categories.

When people need to clean up after a catastrophe, or they need abatement from a range of problems, Dry Patrol has been there for more than two decades.

Through the hard work of dozens of cleanup technicians, our office staff, and the web development team, we are proud to see an increasing number of clients coming through search terms in areas where we provide industry-leading services.

Whether doing flood damage abatement, fire repair, or regularly preventing COVID in dozens of businesses across the region, Dry Patrol is growing our business through a wide range of methods. Our expanding website and blog posts have provided information to people who might – or might not – use our services, ultimately.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

Personal references are still our best advertisement

Of course, client referrals, customer feedback, and personal references drive most of our business.

We know that giving personal and professional service every time makes a difference in the mind of every customer. This is our goal every time. We do it because it makes every customer feel better about the process.

Many times when people reach out to us, they are experiencing a life-disrupting tragedy. It could be a fire in their home or business, or flooding that damaged important personal items or business records. There is already a lot of stress, and we do not want to add to that stress.

So we emphasize personal, responsive, timely help for our clients.

Our services

If you need any of these services, visit to schedule prompt, reliable, friendly, professional work:

  • Damage from seasonal flooding or indoor plumbing disasters
  • Damage from a fire
  • Cleanup from personal tragedies and deaths
  • Preventing the spread of COVID

Our innovative and thorough responses to any of these crises will reassure you and leave you ready to start anew.

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