How Do I Clean Up After a House Fire?

Many describe it as the worst night of their life. The smoke alarm wakes them, and they hurriedly gather their panicked family and scramble out onto the front lawn. Is everyone here? Who brought their phone? Can you call 911? Where’s the cat?

Firefighters stay longer than you’d think, checking behind walls in between the ceiling and attic to make sure that the fire is completely and permanently out. And they dumped hundreds of gallons of water on the fire, multiplying the damage in their effort to take care of the most important concern – keeping the fire from demolishing your biggest investment.

So now, after the fire, you have to deal with all sorts of damage. There’s the smell of the smoke that infused the entire house. There’s the damage from the flames in the area where the fire was contained. There’s water damage in and below the area of the fire.

How will I clean it?

Call the professionals

You can certainly try to tackle the problem yourself, but this will mean even further disruption to your life. Hours spent drying things out, washing things down, and replacing piece after piece.

Instead, check your insurance policy and your lifestyle and make a better choice.

Hire a professional cleaning company specifically experienced in cleaning up fire and water damage.

Professional cleaners like Dry Patrol can take the elbow grease and guesswork out of cleaning up after the worst night of your lives. Let our trained technicians deal with your insurance company, manage the fine print of the building codes and insurance policies. Let us manage all of the details that would cost you hours of frustration and confusion, not to mention hard work.

Here are some of the details we handle so you don’t have to:

  • Abatement and removal of damaged property
  • New construction including full restoration of walls and floors
  • Cleaning of certain upholstery
  • Disposal of uncleanable upholstery
  • Insulation replacement
  • Painting and caulking

We don’t stop working until we have restored your home to the best possible condition. We can’t restore every lost memory or the lost sense of security, but we can make your home feel complete once again.

Fire damage can be a challenge to repair. Hire a pro.

Photo by Andrew Gaines on Unsplash

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