Fight Invisible Mold

You know it is there. Whether it is because your sensitive nose can smell it, or you have started sneezing at an unusual time of year. Or perhaps there is just a must heaviness in the air that feels abnormal.

The signs of mold can be very subtle. And sometimes mold, even the most dangerous and ugly types, can hide out of sight. This can harm your family’s health and even – in rare cases – lead to permanent health conditions or even death.

So where can you look for this mold to make sure your family is as healthy as possible?

Look for these signs that invisible mold is present in your space.

Hiding in plain sight

Sometimes mold’s best trick is hiding in plain sight.

We think of mold as clumpy white clouds or scales, easily visible to the eye. But in fact mold comes in a dazzling array of forms. The most insidious mold looks more like dirt or dust; meaning even a careful observer might dismiss it instead of seeing it as the threat it is.

The solution is to make sure you routinely clean the entire space, especially bathrooms, basements, and kitchens where water and humidity are part of the daily use of the space. Your corners should look freshly painted, not cloudy or dusty.

Hiding behind walls

A second sneaky mold trick is to form and grow where you can’t see it at all – on the other side of your wall or ceiling, or inside vents.

In these cases conscientious cleaners might never see the mold that is causing them to sneeze or making their asthma worse. Because that mold is entirely out of sight.

This kind of mold can form where cleaning supplies and even periodic deep cleans seldom reach: behind walls, on the top of drop ceilings, and inside vents. You may never even get a clue about these molds until it is too late.

Hire an expert to dispose of mold

This is why you should hire a mold removal expert if you suspect that you have mold. A trained and experienced Dry Patrol inspector will be able to use their seasoned eye to find likely trouble spots, and see where mold might grow – even if it hasn’t had a chance to grow yet.

Using professional cleaning and mitigation is also supported by most major insurance plans.

So if you believe mold is present in your home, stop it before it has a chance to impact the quality of your life.



















Photo by Sergei Sushchik on Unsplash

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