Dry Patrol With Vaccines, We Can Cancel Regular Cleaning, Right?

The United States, and indeed the world, are excited about the implications of the arrival of a series of vaccines that promise up to 95% effectiveness against COVID-19.

With the vaccines being rolled out quickly, President Biden has announced that he is increasing the US goal from 1M vaccines a day to 1.5M a day by the end of his first 100 days in office. That date is Friday April 30th, 2021.

This goal, to vaccinate more than ¼ of the US population, has people asking about how and when they can start scaling back the extraordinary cleaning measures they are currently taking.

The answer is, for now, no.

The arrival of the vaccine doesn’t end the risk

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why this vaccine rollout does not mean we can let down our guard against this deadly virus.

100 days is a long time from now

Given that COVID-19 spreads most quickly from person to person, and often takes up to 10 days to show symptoms, there is still a LOT of illness to spread around.

¼ vaccination = ¾ unprotected

Simple math, really. If only 1 in 4 of us are protected, there will still be a large portion of the population unprotected even if this lofty goal is hit.

Still many people are unprotected

Even if you add in the estimated 20% of Americans that have contracted COVID, there will STILL be a lot of unprotected people after April. Additionally, some of those on the vaccine list are also among those who got COVID and survived, so the total number of protected people is still less than 20%+150M.

Variants in COVID have arrived in the US

With multiple variants identified as being present in the US, some without any traceable history to their country of first discovery, we must remain on high alert. Some of these variants are not stopped by the vaccines, so regular deep cleaning remains our best protection.

With so many people still unprotected, and the virus still spreading rapidly, it remains important to keep up with cleaning regimens that protect everyone from the virus.

Dry Patrol offers a spray that helps protect you and your students, workers, or family members from COVID-19 in high traffic areas.

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