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We’ve seen it in the news the past few weeks, and with spring upon us, we will see much more: the damage water can do to a house.

Has your home been damaged by flood waters or burst pipes?

Don’t wait for it to evaporate or attempt to fix it yourself.

Water gets into all sorts of places where you can’t see it or easily reach it. Most do-it-yourself approaches will get a lot of water up – but leave hard to see water in the place where it will do the most damage.

Water on your support beams

Remaining water can sit on your support beams. There, over time, they will damage the foundation of your home, weakening or rotting the wood, and making it less able to support the weight of your house.

Certainly your interior walls and supports can handle exposure to a little water. The evaporative power of the air that generally circulates everywhere can take care of a lot of standing water. And in MOST circumstances, damage to your foundation is not the primary concern when your home has experienced water damage.


However, it is one reason you should contact a professional water restoration contractor like Dry Patro.

Water in your walls and ceilings

Trapped or pooled water in your walls and ceilings pose a significant, and potentially deadly, problem. It is in these pools and damp areas that many kinds of mold can fester. This includes the dreaded black mold, which each year is associated with many illnesses and deaths around the world.

Standing water, invisible to the eye, behind or under or above the areas a homeowner can easily reach, is responsible for a lot of illness and breathing problems in homes.

While this is especially true in extremely humid areas, the problem can occur in temperate areas as well. And your burst pipe or flooded space is food in the petri dish for this kind of hazardous mold to grow.

The spores can spread and make members of your house sick. The symptoms can be unclear at first, and can range from breathing problems to disorientation and a general lack of energy. These kinds of symptoms can be misdiagnosed.

The solution is to not experience them in the first place.

When your space gets flooded for whatever reason, call professional water restoration experts like the helpful folks at Dry Patrol.

We have a location near you, and our emergency response force is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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