Commercial Sewage Cleanup

What happens when you call DryPatrol for sewage restoration services?

Because of today’s ever-changing climate conditions, there is more frequent flooding. Therefore, there’s more weather-related water damage. Sewage restoration services are more complex than normal water restoration, because it’s considered toxic. Even flood water is considered “black water”. Because of this, it must be treated the same as sewage water.

Among the various types of water damage, sewage  is the most dangerous. Because it can contain pollutants and toxic pathogens, it’s often referred to as “black water”. “Black water” can also include human waste. This type of water comes from storm drains or sewage backups. Sometimes it even comes from toilet failure, or external floodwaters. As a result, it typically has a distinct smell and color. Even “clean” floodwater has the potential to become black water if it’s not addressed quickly. You should have sewage restoration services performed within 72 hours.

Because of this, you need a team who can clean up the mess quickly. DryPatrol will make sure your health is not at risk. The experts at DryPatrol have the equipment and experience to guarantee cleanliness and safety. Due to this, you should give DryPatrol a call when you need sewage damage restoration services.

Sewage Restoration Services You Can Trust

Every job is supervised by an IIRC-certified Project Manager or Lead Technician. Therefore, you know you can trust them. These sewage restoration technicians work quickly to determine the extent of contamination. They then contain all affected materials, and properly “Bio-Wash” your home and belongings. They do this using environmentally friendly disinfectants. Due to this tactic, your home is 100% sewage-free and safe. We do this by applying Benefect, an all-natural botanical antimicrobial formula. Benefect cleans and kills germs without endangering your health.

DryPatrol is located in Cincinnati. Therefore, we can be on-site within as little as 60 minutes. As soon as we receive your call, our team responds quickly. We can take care of your sewage restoration and avoid additional loss.  You will feel confident that you’re in good hands.