Commercial Insurance Liaison

Let DryPatrol be your insurance liaison in Cincinnati

DryPatrol Is The Insurance Professional’s Best Friend. At DryPatrol we are experienced when it comes to insurance consulting. We work with insurers and insurance professionals every day. While we would like to earn your trust on every water restoration job you have, we understand that you have a choice in restoration companies. Because of this, we want to be sure we’re among the top two or three recommendations you would make.

As a result, we are your partner in the true sense of the word. From referrals, to knowledge and data sharing, we want to be your go-to resource. We also offer continuing education. We are know for professionalism and overall service excellence. If you ever have a question about structural drying or mold remediation, don’t hesitate to call us.

What sets us apart.

Zero Customer Complaints! Since the beginning, we’ve yet to field one customer complaint. Due to this, we love to share our customer testimonials.

We Make You Shine:

Because of our skill and knowledge at insurance consulting, we often have insurance companies ask for our team by name. Insurance companies use DryPatrol to explain the water removal process to their valued clients.

Quality vs. Quantity:

We don’t want all of your jobs, just the hard ones. No kidding, we’d rather shine on your toughest projects where you need the most help. This is another reason that we are confident that we will earn your business!

We Speak Paperwork:

We’ll work within your company’s individual estimation processes and documentation needs. Our proactive insurance consulting services include documentation and customer education efforts. This is a dream for insurance companies.

Continuing Education With DryPatrol.

DryPatrol is at the forefront of water damage restoration training. We also offer continuing education for insurance professionals in our regions.

Our continuing education classes are extremely popular for our insurance partners. We don’t just cover water restoration, but the entire insurance industry. We cater the seminars to areas that will be most useful to you and your agency. Speaking of catering, we serve a catered lunch at every convenient session!

Recent seminars covered the following topics:

  • Understanding Insurance Fraud
  • Re-Insurance
  • Understanding the Homeowner’s Policy
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage