Clean Up Your Biohazard

You may not know it, but your house is chemical soup. In almost every room, in almost every cabinet, there are liquids and solids that, if mixed incorrectly, or even if just put on bare skin, would cause medical emergencies.


But were you aware that your house is also compromised by your biological material? Everywhere throughout your house are castings from your skin and hair. Worse yet, the bathroom often contains fecal matter and even blood.


If you’re prone to bloody noses or scraped knees, blood could be in other places as well.


If you’ve ever had a major cut in the kitchen, it’s possible some of that material is still there.


These biohazards often don’t pose a major problem for everyday living. But when there has been a major incident, like a shooting, a stabbing, or an accident where significant blood was lost, the biohazard can be more challenging. These major biohazards require professional cleaning.


Hire a professional for tougher cases

In general, the more blood that was spilled, the harder it will be to clean it up. And the smarter it is to hire professionals to handle the work.

Whether the biohazard is in your kitchen following a wayward knife incident, or in your car after an accident that caused significant blood loss, professionals have the tools to do what normal home cleaning can’t do.

Professionals offer experience – First professionals are experienced at cleaning these sorts of hazards. This means they will take the proper precautions to keep themselves safe, and to keep the hazard from spreading. They also can check for spread into nearby areas, or seepage under tile or carpet, or between seams in the floor or walls. Their expert eyes and experience allow them to anticipate concerns and do a more thorough job.

Professionals bring the right equipment – Too often at home we attempt to clean up every spill or hazard using the same small set of tools, like a brush or sponge, and warm soapy water. However, those tools can often spread the mess instead of cleaning it. By bringing the right tools, professionals can make sure the spot is truly clean. These tools can include misters or sprayers that address the problem between cracks or behind permeable surfaces, making sure the biohazard is completely neutralized.

Hire a professional to clean up after your next biohazard spill.





















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