Clean Up From Your Fireworks Disaster – Hire a Trusted Professional

You don’t have to live in Clark County, Ohio, Los Angeles, CA, or Springfield, MA   to understand the risks posed by our country’s fireworks obsession. Every summer, in nearly every community, fireworks take a heavy toll. Homes, fields, and cars are routinely destroyed by wayward fireworks from people looking to celebrate Independence Day, or any of a number of major or minor holidays which inspire people to take to the streets.

But then the worst has happened, how do you clean up?

Call a trusted professional to clean up fireworks damage

The reason communities spend so many resources on a standing fire department is because fire is uniquely destructive. The invasive nature of smoke and flames means that structures can essentially disappear. Additionally, damage can happen out of sight and weaken a structure, opening it up to future catastrophe.

For these reasons and more, undertaking a plan to fix fire damage yourself is unwise.

Instead, hire trusted professionals like the experienced abatement crew at Dry Patrol. You can expect speedy, professional service that pays attention to special aspects of fireworks damage.

First, fireworks are comprised of multiple chemicals that burn at different temperatures and intensities. This means the damage they cause can be different even in the same area of roof or exterior wall.

Next, fireworks often have a striking force instead of a more passive conflagration that comes from most house fires. This can sometimes cause additional damage or considerations for the repair.

Third, because they are legal in some states, handling damage from fireworks with an insurance company can sometimes be tricky. Our experienced agents and office staff are experts at dealing with these situations (and countless others.) Why spend time learning about these laws and regulations yourself, only to be trapped on the phone with an agent from the insurance company?

After fireworks damage your home, garage, or other property, Dry Patrol can help you return to how things were before the fire, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the work was completed by experienced pros.

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