Black Mold Cleanup

The dangers of black mold are well documented. People and pets suffer a range of negative health effects when exposed to black mold. The effects can include asthma, coughing and sneezing, wheezing, or even hidden health effects. Sometimes people do not even know that their ill health is coming from black mold hidden where they can not see it in their home.

The truth is, black mold can commonly hide in ceilings, walls, inside or under window air conditioners, floors, and basements. But really any spot there is some exposure to water, including high humidity, is at risk.

Behind a toilet or under a sink with a slight drip in the pipes, humid bathroom corners, and even under kitchen sinks where dish strainers are put to dry, black mold can grow.

If you are experiencing breathing problems or fatigue without any explanation, you might search your home or your workplace for black mold. Look in any of the places indicated above, or any place where you have seen a leak or are concerned a leak might be possible.

Black mold can grow in any space where there is a combination of moisture and heat, so search carefully.

If you find some black mold, your first course of action is to call a professional mold abatement company. A professional mold removal company can fully kill the mold and solve the problems that led to the mold growing in the first place.

If calling in professionals is not possible, you can take matters into your own hands.

Black mold cleanup instructions

If you find black mold in your home or business, take these steps to clean it up.

  1. Put on a mask and gloves for all work with black mold
  2. Clearly identify and expose all of the black mold. This includes space behind drywall, under toestrips, and in crevices
  3. Purchase a professional black mold cleaner, or mix 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon warm water
  4. Using a brush and sponge, work from one side making sure you’ve cleaned it entirely before moving on, cleaning the area starting several inches outside of the visible black mold
  5. Dip the brush in the bleach and scrub the spots in a gentle circular motion, then dip the sponge and wipe in the direction you are working
  6. When you’ve removed the visible black mold, use the sponge to wipe the area one last time
  7. Allow the area to dry completely before placing new materials or replacing the thoroughly cleaned materials


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