After a Fire, Rebuilding Starts with Hiring the Right Cleaning Company

Nature’s basic elements earth, wind, water, and fire, are revered and respected for their power and dominance. For as long as we have had words, we have tried to describe the majesty of these forces, and we still call them “elements” because we once believed that everything came from them.

And this explanation is reasonable, given that everything returns to the earth over time, with the help of the other elements. This is even true for the most persistent plastics, although it takes them significantly longer than everything else!

But of the elements, fire is perhaps the most feared. Although we have learned to harness its power to do important work for us in our world, it still terrifies us. It is the only element against which every community prepares an army: a standing militia of firefighters prepared to defeat fire if it shows up where it is not expected or wanted.

But despite all of our work to contain it, fires still happen. And after a fire, families must rebuild, put their lives back together, and move forward.

Hiring the right company to help you rebuild after a fire can make all the difference.

Hiring Dry Patrol gives peace of mind

There is no shortage of advice for how to clean up your own home after a fire. That is, there are many answers to the question of “how” to restore your home after a fire.

But our question is, “Why?”

Not “WHY should you clean up after a fire?” but “Why should YOU clean up after a fire?”

This work, professionally done by trained and experienced experts, will restore your space.

Dry Patrol experts will start immediately by working directly with your insurance company. This part of the process alone can feel like its own job, with calls, schedules, pictures, and sending forms back and forth. In fact, some people say the paperwork was the hardest part of cleaning up after a fire in their insured home of place of business.

But Dry Patrol not only manages the insurance claim and payments, we also do the detailed work that is outlined in your insurance claim. Removing framing, restoring drywall, replacing structural materials. Many satisfied clients report that their finished space looks better and feels cleaner and brighter than before the fire.

Making something better than the original is quite a compliment!

So if your life has been touched by the tragedy of fire, hire a trusted expert to handle the next step. Let Dry Patrol help you rebuild.

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