Addressing Water Damage

Many water damage restoration companies miss critical elements of effective drying. Buildings are like sponges, so just because there isn’t any visible water doesn’t mean the building is dry. Attic and basement water damage can be particularly tricky to handle because of hidden moisture and conditions that are ripe for speedy mold growth. Any sewage damage that might be associated with the flooding can contain dangerous microbes that pose a serious danger to your health. It’s important to use a water damage company who are experts at delivering all aspects of water damage restoration.

When Calling DryPatrol

​When DryPatrol arrives at your home or commercial business, we’re officially on alert for all flooding damage issues.
We often see a lot of leaks caused by:

  • broken, leaky or frozen pipes
  • sink or toilet overflows
  • malfunctions of washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters or dishwashers. Our flood damage technicians look beyond the surface level and measure moisture at the stud, insulation, and sill plate level. We then create a moisture map of the affected areas and monitor moisture content. We also measure temperatures, and relative humidity levels on a daily basis. This thoroughness, and commitment to drying your home, is one of the unique advantages of working with DryPatrol. We have the equipment and expertise to take care of all sewage cleanup and removal safely and quickly. Once structural drying is completed, the water damage repair process can begin and all damaged walls, ceilings, carpet and hardwood floors can be cleaned and repaired or replaced.

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