Dry Patrol Customers
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Every day we help our customers get their homes, businesses, and lives, back to normal. Listen to their stories:

Home Builders Assocation

The Home Builders Association recently had a need for the Dry Patrol’s services. During the construction of our building addition, our water line was inadvertently hit during excavation.

This caused back pressure in our line and our line coming up through our slab burst in two places above grade in our building. The gallons per minute coming into our building were substantial.

It probably took us at least 15 minutes to locate and get the water valve turned off. By that time, two thirds of our auditorium was wet and the water spread to our back storage room, our front foyer,hallway and our rear hallway. In all I would guess over 50% of our first floor was wet.

Fortunately for use, Dry Patrol was on the scene in less than a half hour from when the break occurred. Due to your promptness and attention to detail, we had equipment running 24 / 7 for a solid week. One week after the break we hosted a meeting in our auditorium with over 50 people in attendance and no one could believe that a week earlier the entire room they were standing in was under water. There was no smell, no sign of water damage and best of all everything, including the carpet, looked better than if has in years!

You were professional and wouldn’t rest until your measurements and personal standards told you everything was back to normal.

Carmine T., Executive Vice President

Old-Fashion Integrity with Modern Technology

When a water distaster happens it is great to know that there is an honest, hardworking company with old-fashion integrety, coupled with modern technology, that is only a phone call and minutes away, even at 12:30 in the morning. Dry Patrol did a great job, and worked with us to keep our business open during the significant remediation and repair work. Thank you Dry Patrol.

Kid to Kid

Fast and Efficient

Fast response to a major waterbed leak. Took the bed out and removed wet carpet. Used fan and dehumidifier to dry hardwood floor for 48 hours. They were efficient in cleaning up the mess.

Pat J.

Safe and Sound

The drain line from our third floor furnance backed up, and caused extensive damage to the ceiling in the bedroom below. Brian and Ryan were at our house in 2 hours, after Derron was here to evaluate it. They were here daily taking moisture readings and keeping us informed. We were very happy with the care they took to protect our belongings. All the crew were very conscienous, polite, friendly and cleaned daily. My wife commented that she was never uncomfortable having them in the house while I was at work. That says something.

Dan and Jan G.