Get It Dried Right.

When you have water in your home you want it gone, and you want it gone now. Water damages quickly, often on contact, and must be addressed immediately to lessen financial and structural impact. But equally important as quick response is thorough and proper drying of the entire structure and all contents.

Dry Patrol employs IICRC certified technicians and uses state-of-the-art drying and monitoring equipment to ensure complete drying. Our teams arrive on-scene quickly with the knowledge and equipment to keep your situation from turning into a devastating loss.

Most water emergency companies miss critical elements of effective drying. By focusing solely on water, they miss the keys to actually drying the structure. Buildings are like sponges, they absorb water at every opportunity. At Dry Patrol we look beyond the obvious and measure moisture at the stud, insulation and steel plate level. We know water doesn’t stop at the cabinets, so we don’t either.

We create a moisture map of the affected area and monitor temperature, specific humidity levels and relative humidity levels on a daily basis. That’s the difference between simply removing water and actually drying your home.