Remove The Mold,
And The Worry.

Looking for help with Mold Remediation in Cincinnati? Columbus Mold Removal? or Mold Remediation in Dayton?  Dry Patrol now has dedicated resources in your area to help satisfy any disaster situation. Please visit your respective demographic via the links above or call 877-379-3344!

Mold and its related effects on the human immune system has been a hot topic in recent news. Finding mold in your home can be alarming and unless proper steps are taken toward its removal and treatment, the results can be devastating to your health and home value.

The first priority, of course, is making sure mold never even occurs. Having Dry Patrol handle any water emergency in your home is a sure fire way to ensure your home is thoroughly and properly dried in the first place minimizing the potential for fungal growth in the future.

When it comes to mold remediation, Dry Patrol has the process you can trust:

  • Thorough testing and identification of scope of problem
  • Consultation with team of environmental scientists and specialists
  • Environmental scientist creates protocol for removal and remediation
  • Consultation with insurance provider to check coverage upon home owners’ request
  • Quote provided for scope of mold remediation project
  • Upon estimate approval Dry Patrol team sets up on-site
  • Containment
  • Demolition (if necessary)
  • Disposal
  • Physically remove mold via various techniques
  • Area cleaned with microfiber cloth and/or HEPA vacuum
  • Area vacuumed with HEPA filtered vacuum process
  • Environmental team review & testing

No matter what you have heard from any other company about faster or cheaper processes, this is the only proper technique for mold remediation.