Wet Hardwood Flooring?
Don’t Scrap It. Dry Patrol Can Save It!

Looking for help with Hardwood Floor Drying in Cincinnati? Columbus Hardwood Floor Drying? or Hardwood Floor Drying in Dayton?  Dry Patrol now has dedicated resources in your area to help satisfy any disaster situation. Please visit your respective demographic via the links above or call 877-379-3344!

One of the more devastating losses in a water event can be the damage done to hardwood flooring. If your floor is true hardwood, (no laminates or pre-engineered flooring) Dry Patrol can return it to a pre-determined moisture content depending on the type of wood. We have had tremendous success with our Injectadry® system—where drying mats are placed on the floors and literally evaporate water from the wood grain itself. While drying times are usually a bit longer than conventional drying, it’s a great alternative to losing your cherished floors. Recently we were able to save over 10,000 square feet of this facility’s 125-year old hardwood flooring.