Water Happens.
What Happens Next Makes All The Difference.

Looking for help with residential Water, Mold or Flood Damage Removal in Cincinnati? Columbus Water, Mold or Flood Damage Removal? or Water, Mold or Flood Damage Removal in Dayton?  Dry Patrol now has dedicated resources in your area to help satisfy any disaster situation. Please visit your respective demographic via the links above or call 877-379-3344!

Home flooding can come from anywhere at any time. Basements flood, pipes freeze, toilets overflow and sump pumps stop pumping. It’s not a question of “if” but “when” you’ll experience a flooding incident in your home. When you do, you’ll no doubt want quick, professional help. But if your home is not dried properly and thoroughly, your problems may be just beginning.

The experts at Dry Patrol have extensive training in proper drying techniques and use only the most modern, powerful equipment. In fact, at times other restoration companies ask for our advice regarding jobs they may have.

Types of Water

Water isn’t just water. It’s critical to the safety of your family and proper restoration of your valued home to know what type of water you’re dealing with and what to do next:

1. Clean Water2. “Gray” Water"Black" Water
  • Usually comes from interior pipes and supply lines
  • Does not contain contaminants
  • Carpet, padding and furniture can be dried
  • Carpet can be cleaned and restored
  • Potentially unsafe contaminants
  • From baths, showers, hand basins and washing machines
  • Carpets, padding and furniture can be dried and restored
  • May be considered “black” if left standing after 72 hours
  • Grossly unsanitary
  • Contains sewage or toxic pathogens
  • Caused by storm drain back-up, toilet failure or external floodwaters
  • Carpet and padding must be discarded
  • All porous, permeable materials usually discarded