Before You Throw It Out,
Ask Us About Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Water can do serious damage to carpets and can tarnish the appearance of your business. Often following a water emergency the soil and other contaminants contained in carpets and padding can be brought to the surface where they present an unpleasant appearance and dangerous health effects.

Fortunately, the certified cleaning technicians at DryPatrol have the equipment and expertise to clean and restore your business’ carpet to pre-water damage condition.

Our 5 Steps Process:

  • 1Pre-treat with encapsulating cleaner
  • 2Agitate with carpet rake
  • 3Hot steam extraction with rinsing agents
  • 4Groom carpet with special rake
  • 5Reapplication or primary application of protective coatings like
    Scotchgard® or similar treatments at owner’s request
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